1. Introduction

  1. FSD Coaches Ltd will be hereafter referred to in this document as “The Company”.
    This policy defines a framework by which the company’s data both internal and external, may be stored or processed.

2. Key Data

  1. Company Details
    1. FSD Coaches Ltd, Curl and Co, 22 Backbrae St, Kilsyth, G650NH
    2. Telephone 01412787277
    3. Email info@fsdtransfers.co.uk
    4. Data Protection Officer
      1. Margaret M Joyce – Director
  2. Data Processing Requirements
    1. Data held for the purposes of identity verification, and legal right to work in the UK, competence, and security clearance.
  3. Data retention
    1. Data regarding an employee with me retained for the period of their employment and for up to six months after termination of their employment. Retention of data beyond this period will only be in the case of criminal or other legal requirements.
  4. Data Types
    1. Copy of passport details
    2. Copy of birth certificate
    3. Driving License
    4. Additional driving certifications
    5. Home address
    6. Disclosure Scotland notification
  5. Recipients of held data
    1. Data is held for the legitimate business activities of the company and not passed to any third party.
      1. Data is held in a secure locked datasafe (for paper), or in an encrypted online file storage facility. Currently as of 1St June 2018 this is in the continental United States.
  6. Security
    1. Please reference our IT Security Policy document and Our IT Acceptable Use document for more explicit security information.
  7. Compliance
    1. The Company will be compliant with all current regulatory and legislative requirements regarding computer security and IT based information confidentiality and integrity of same.
  8. Disposal
    1. All personally identifiable data held by the company will be securely disposed of once the requirement for the data retention is completed. Electronic data will be securely wiped with industry standard tools, and paper copies will be shredded and burned.