The Tools of Our Trade

With continual investment, ensuring only the very best vehicles are provided to our clients. Our customers can be guaranteed to be transferred in luxury at every step of their journey.

Mercedes S-Class

1-3 passengers
2 large suitcases

With room to comfortably transport two passengers in luxury in the rear of the vehicle, our S-Class fleet are the most popular choice for those looking for a truly luxurious vehicle.

Should additional passengers be required, we can accommodate upto three people with adequate space. For any more passengers, we recommend our Mercedes Viano.


Mercedes Viano

2-7 passengers
4-6 large suitcases

For transporting larger groups, or smaller groups with lots of luggage, our fleet of Mercedes Viano people-carriers don’t compromise on quality or comfort. Seating can be changed by request in advance to conference style, allowing the meeting to continue on your journey.

We can also offer our Viano’s, in addition to any other lead-vehicle, to assist in transporting any associated passengers or luggage.



16-50 passengers
Adequate luggage storage

Our coaches are the perfect solution to transporting large amounts of passengers from their collection point to a single destination.

Particularly useful for large parties of conference delegates and airport transfers, our coaches still retain the high level of luxury our customers expect.


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